Winter Fog at the Grand Canyon

Amazing weekend at the Grand Canyon (11/30 - 12/1)!  A strong inversion set up which filled the canyon with fog rim-to-rim.  On the lower portions of the S. Rim, rime ice coated the trees to a thickness of several inches.

Met Arizona Highways photographer Derek Von Briesen for a day of awe-inspiring conditions, great company, and wonderful shooting.  Check out Derek's web site here to see some of the best Arizona photography around!


When the sun came out, the Rim ice fell like frozen rain from the trees...


Sunset and anticrepuscular rays.  All we needed here was a full moon on the horizon!


The Desert View Watchtower at sunrise...above a sea of clouds!

Amazing motion in the Fog below the rim of the Grand Canyon after sunset, on Dec 1, 2013. This video was taken from Moran Pt, about 15 minutes after sunset. The motion is sped up 26X real time.